Elevate your style with our Country Collection!

Elevate your style with our Country Collection!

Headwear has been integral to British culture for centuries, symbolizing elegance, sophistication, and a touch of individuality – city and country. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, hats serve a practical purpose, protecting from the elements, while allowing you to comfortably continue your sport or activity in the Great Outdoors.

 As one of the last hat makers in Britain, we, at Laird, take immense pride in crafting an extensive range of great headwear, styles that are quintessentially British and complement your lifestyle. From the practical Hunter fedora hats to the timeless tweed flat cap our collection embraces the heritage of British countryside.

 Our dedication to preserving the art of hat-making ensures that every piece in our collection is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and passion for excellence. We invite you to discover the charm of our Country Hat Collection. From the iconic Deerstalker to the dapper Crushable furfelt & Crushable Alfred Fedora, our country range is the perfect companion to your country sport or lifestyle.

  1. Tweed Flat Cap

The traditional Flat Cap is available is a large ranges of tweeds is more than just a cap; it's the quintessential symbol of British heritage and countryside allure. Tweeds that mix and matchwith any outfit or colours – relaxed and comfortable. A cap that is worn by all classes of society – farmer, dog walker to a Lord, to a Prince.  Featuring a deep scalloped back for a perfect fit, this cap is slim at the sides. Crafted meticulously in a Scottish Tweed with quilted lining, our Tweed Flat Cap adds a touch of rural elegance to any ensemble. This cap exudes a timeless charm and a very iconic profile.

  1. Crushable Fedora

The Crushable furfelt Fedora encapsulates British style – classic, refined, practical and understated. Its soft silhouette is very flattering, which its crushable design is practical and convenience. Perfectly crushable from side to side, this Fedora Hat is a great travel companion. It is available in a myriad of colours, giving a pop of colour to your countrywear.

  1. Hunter Fedora

Rain, wind or shine, this mid size brim fedora is great to grab and go. It is crushable and the wool is water resistant. A very popular choice with many colours to select from. 

  1. Loden Flat Cap

The Loden Flat Cap is a design classic made in a light but luxurious loden. Stay warm and stylish. The cap is easy to pack in a pocket or bag. Made in solid colour lodens, it is a strong finish to your outfit.

  1. Country Crushable Fedora

The British equivalent of a cowboy hat, this is a wide brim flat hat that is both crushable and water resistant. An attractive choice for everyday.

  1. Tweed Bond Cap

The Tweed Bond Cap fuses style and tradition. A great alternative to the flat cap shape using Yorkshire tweeds. An older English style, generously cut and a more angled back. Perfect for fishing, with plus fours, or your wax jacket.

  1. Shooting Cap

For outdoor pursuits, the Shooting Cap combines functionality with style. The longer peak provides crucial protection from elements, while the scalloped back ensures a secure fit. Created in a water-resistant, thorn-proof Scottish Tweed with quilted cotton lining. Whether you're clay pigeon shooting or simply enjoying a brisk walk, this cap will keep you warm and help your visibility.

  1. Deerstalker

A very British design for being out on the hills and moors. The design is practical – shielding the eyes from the rain, and the rear peak means the rain doesn’t drip your collar. Made famous by Sherlock Holmes, but this isn’t just for tourists.

  1. Wax flat cap

The rain is a feature of British life, hence wax cotton is an essential cloth we use on our caps. Pack this with you out and about walking. A style suitable for everyone.

  1. Wax bucket hat 

 We also make this deeper bucket hat to keep the ear and nape of the neck warm from the wind and rain. It is another traditional and practical shape for real everyday country life.

Laird's Country Hat Collection embodies our British heritage, celebrating traditional craft, style, and practicality. From the timeless Tweed Flat Cap to the versatile Crushable Fedora, each hat or cap can suit your individual style. Elevate your country look and immerse yourself in the charm of our Country Hat Collection.