man walking up country road in light brown Goodwood fedora

May Edit

This is the month of the horse and hound at Laird. You can find us at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, Badminton Horse Trials, and the Goodwoof Show! Although not exactly record-breakingly hot just yet, its time to both ward off the rain and get ready for the summer months ahead. This is our May Guide, to help you navigate this unpredictable month and fit in perfectly at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, Badminton horse trials, and Goodwoof Show!

We recommend the Alfred crushable for the Windsor Show. Easy to pack, the Alfred crushable is practical and yet maintains its classic status with its timeless brim silhouette. 

For Badminton, picking the perfect tweed flat cap is the key, and made easy by us. The key with tweed is coordinating, not matching! If you have particular colours in the rest of your outfit, try to find a cap with similar or contrasting colours running through it; this is the best way to achieve a seemingly effortless yet put together look. 

At Goodwoof, the Goodwood Fedora is the look of the hour. Our Goodwood Fedora was designed for the illustrious Goodwood racing event. We wanted to combine the vintage allure of classic car racing with contemporary functionality, and yet this hat is perfect for Goodwoof too. The low maintenance nature of the hat, being both crushable and water resistant means the Goodwood is as well equipped for country dog walks as it is for social occasions.


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